The Jupyter Telemetry Sphinx Extension

A Sphinx extension for auto-generating Jupyter Telemetry schema documentation

To install this extension, run:

pip install jupyter_telemetry_sphinxext

Activate the extension by adding jupyter_telemetry_sphinxext to your file.

# file.

extensions = [

# Jupyter telemetry configuration values.
jupyter_telemetry_schema_source = "path/to/schemas/source/directory"   # Path is relative to
jupyter_telemetry_schema_output = "path/to/output/directory"           # Path is relative to
jupyter_telemetry_index_title = "Example Event Schemas"                # Title of the index page that lists all found schemas.

This will walk the files and directories in jupyter_telemetry_schema_source and generate restructured text pages for any Jupyter Telemetry Event Schemas.

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